Santanu Das - Music:
I have worked on many music projects. One of my biggest achievement was to be the first one to come up with the First Oriya Karaoke audio CDs. I am also a song collector. I have collected several thousands of songs in hindi, oriya, bengali, english, karaoke, instrumental, classical etc. All these songs were digitally transferred and stored for my personal use only.
 a u d i o :
  • Produced the First Oriya Karaoke, a four-volume set of Oriya Karaoke CDs (images/song list below), in the world of Oriya music (2002)
  • Produced a Piano instrumental - Unforgettable Odia Tunes - first time played on acoustic Piano and recorded in the USA (2011)
  • Digitally remastered more than 500 Oriya songs, from LP records and cassette tapes. This was an effort to preserve very old Oriya songs in digital format. A complete database design was done, where one can find a song based on some search criterias (1999-2000)
  • Produced "Jagannath Swami", an audio CD compilation of Oriya devotional songs for a fund raising effor for Rath Yatra, Washington DC (1999)
  • Assisted and provided technical guidelines for audio production, AP Arts International, New Jersey (2003)
  • Mastered audio CD for a fund raising program for JOGA World, Maryland (2004)
  • Remastered and produced audio CD for Jitendriya Haripal (Rangabati fame), for The Orissa Society of the Americas (2004)
v i d e o :
  • Edited and created the DVD "Pushpanjali", A Tribute to Sangeet Sudhakar Balakrushna Dash, on behalf of COPAA (2005)
  • Involved in production of video CD documentary on Jitendriya Haripal, for Orissa Society of the Americas (2004)
  • Assisted in the production of video CD for 35th OSA Convention, Dallas. This was a collection of live concerts performed in North America by celebrated artists from Orissa (2004).
List of Albums (Digital Distribution Edition)
First Oriya Karaoke Vol01 - Music of Orissa First Oriya Karaoke Vol 2 - Art of Orissa First Oriya Karaoke Vol 3 - Beauty of Orissa First Oriya Karaoke Vol 4 - Pride of Orissa Unforgettable OdiaTunes on Piano

If you wish to obtain the digital distribution edition of my first Oriya/ Odia Karaoke and the Piano Instrumental on unforgettable Odia Tunes albums, or to listen to samples or to know more about these albums, please click on the icons on the left. The ODIA KARAOKE ablums will shortly be available on iTunes and Amazon. Please contact me if you need more information.

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First Oriya Karaoke - Vol 01

First Oriya Karaoke - Vol 01

Keun Naam Dhari, Aaji Mote Mili Gala, Aaji Mun Shrabani, Tik Tik Hue Mo Chhati, Aakashara Buku Chiri, Aalo Mani, Mo Priya Tharu Kiye, Nadira Naam Alasa Kanya (MUSIC OF ORISSA - Eight Karaoke Tracks)

Art of Orissa - Oriya Karaoke - 02

First Oriya Karaoke - Vol 02

Chanda Tume Tara, Kahana Phula, Kahu Thibi Katha Kahi Mana, Jhumka Tike Tuta Halei De, Manika Alo Manika, Punyara Nadi Tire, Smruti Ek Rupa Janha (ART OF ORISSA - Seven Karaoke Tracks)

First Oriya Karaoke - Vol 03

Ea Banara Chhai, Rangabati Lo Rangabati, Aasiba Bara Tora, Nida Bhara Raati, He Phaguna Tume Gala Pare, Re Aatman, Rupa Sagadi Re (BEAUTY OF ORISSA - Seven Karaoke Tracks)

Pride of Orissa - First Oriya Karaoke - Vol 04

First Oriya Karaoke - Vol 04

Raja Jhia Sange Karithili Bhaba, Abhimanini Amania Dheu, Ei Chuna Chuna, Ei Je Bana Lata Pahada, Re Priya Mora, Mayuri Go, Sandehi Priyatama, Swargadapi Gariyasi (PRIDE OF ORISSA - Eight Karaoke Tracks)

The photographs, artworks, music and this website, are the result of many years of my hard work. You may download and share my photographs or artworks for your personal and non-profit use for free; However,  it is important to me that my photographs or artworks or music not be changed in any way, and should be used as-is. Please do not alter my artworks or try to profit from anything you find here. Any commercial use of the content is strictly prohibited. If you have any questions or would like to obtain permission to use or purchase my artwork, please contact me. THE PERFORMANCE PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE ARTISTS ARE NOT FOR SALE.